The Anointing

THE ANOINTING was written with I John 2:18-25 in mind. Because of the potential for abuse or misapplication, many churches have the tendency to avoid talking about the Holy Spirit anointing the believer. But John says that every believer in Christ has received an anointing from the Holy One. It caused us to reflect on all that the Holy Spirit enables in our lives and in our worship. We chose to focus on four works of the Spirit that are referenced in this passage and throughout the New Testament.

The Spirit bears witness with our spirits that we belong to Him. (we know who we are….)_He reveals to us our need for a Savior, and opens our eyes to who that Savior is. (we know who You are…) He illumines our minds and hearts to rightly understand and appropriate the truth of God’s Word. (we know the truth…) He fills us with boldness to praise Him and to proclaim the gospel, (we praise You…) These are evidences of the Spirit “flowing” in our midst. And as Paul says, no one can say that Jesus is the Lord, except by the Spirit.

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