Songwriting Retreat

Music Beyond Our Faith Community

We aim to be a resource for other churches who may benefit from our music. Additionally, we are seeking to partner with other like-minded faith communities in writing and sharing music within our own local assemblies. Forming this kind of a creative community encourages a shared voice as we worship God in our churches.

GRAIN has chosen to partner with Cindy Wilt Colville to facilitate, what she calls, the Grand Rapids Worship Leader Songwriting Intensive Retreat. This two-day retreat will seek to bring area worship leaders together to write worship songs for our congregations.

Prior to the retreat participants will send Cindy lyrics & audio of 3 songs and audio of sermons that represent what God is speaking to their individual church. Cindy will put co-writing teams together based on the skills of each writer, players, singers, lyricists.

Here is an overview of what the retreat would entail:

Day One
– Equipping Session – Importance of Words
Co-write Breakout – groups of 2 or 3

– Equipping Session – The Big Idea (draw from sermons at all churches)
Co-write Breakout

– Equipping Session – Modeling productive, constructive Feedback
Co-write Breakout

– Equipping Session – The Value of Rewriting
Co-write Breakout

Day Two
– Equipping Session – Finishing Songs
Co-write Breakout

– Equipping Session – Intentional Community
Co-write Breakout

At the conclusion of Day Two, we would invite the congregations represented to join together for an evening of New Worship Songs created during the retreat.

The cost of this Songwriting Intensive Retreat is $125 for the first 10 registrants and $150 after that. While we plan to cap the retreat at 25 songwriters, Cindy believes with 12 participants there is potential for 18 new songs to be created in two days!

If you are interested in more information about upcoming retreats, please contact us here.