Home-grown worship music for the church

In the United States as a whole, we are seeing a renewed emphasis on buying locally-produced foods. Instead of purchasing ingredients from national distributors, many restaurateurs are looking for meat, eggs, cheese, fruit and vegetables that come from the dairies, farms, and gardens in the communities where they live and work.

Think of GRAIN as a “farm-to-table” approach to worship music! Today there is an unprecedented number of songs being written for worship in the church of Jesus Christ. With virtually unlimited access via the internet and radio stations, there are many popular songs that receive wide distribution and are used by churches all over the country. In our assembly we benefit greatly from these songs on a weekly basis. However, every local church is unique in the makeup of its people, in her shared joys and struggles, and in the emphasis of learning times. As pastors, we need to be sensitive to these unique qualities as we minister to and with our people.

Grain Worship Music began with pastors and worship leaders in a local church asking the question, “What do we need to be affirming together in worship in this assembly?” We began to write songs that were an outflow of our pastoral heart for our congregation, and representative of the unique needs and shared experiences of this body.

Local Partnerships

Our vision expands beyond the faith community we are currently serving. We aim to be a resource for other churches who may benefit from our music. Additionally, we are seeking to partner with other like-minded faith communities in writing and sharing music within our own local assemblies. Forming this kind of a creative community encourages a shared voice as we worship God in our churches.

GRAIN has partnered with Dragonfly Studios to create affordable, professional-level recordings of their original music. This provides greater access to learning and potentially distributing the songs to others.

Writing Retreats

Part of our goal in equipping other churches is hosting songwriting retreats.

This may entail bringing in experts from the field of songwriting to provide teaching and training or simply spending time together where we can have space to write music. These retreats would potentially begin Friday night and run through the day Saturday. If you are interested in more information about upcoming retreats, please contact us here.

National Chapters/Guilds/Networks/Groups/Fiestas

If God chooses to bless the partnership in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Grain Worship Music would look at other cities around the nation for like-minded songwriters who could start their own network.